Platinum (Ceramic New Car Prep)

Platinum (Ceramic New Car Prep)

Perfect for new to nearly new vehicles that require very little correctional work prior to a ceramic coatings.

Ceramic coatings provide resistance to weather, abrasion, marring, temperature, chemicals, and contaminants forming a strong bond to the surface they will not melt, crack or wear off.

This process will increase gloss levels and remove light to medium swirls, marks and scratches (40-60%) defect removal prior to the ceramic coating. Once coated it will leave a high gloss appearance with 3, 5 or 8 years protection.

  • A non-acidic wheel cleaner is applied to the wheels. Various brushes are used to agitate the cleaner, this is then rinsed.
  • An all-purpose cleaner is applied to the wheel arches, door shuts and boot shut.
  • The whole car is rinsed to remove the loose dirt from the bodywork.
  • Vehicle is then washed and then thoroughly rinsed, including the door shuts and boot shut.
  • A tar remover is applied to remove tar spots, if applicable.
  • A fullout remover is applied, allowed to dwell and then rinsed.
  • The vehicle is then clayed to remove bonded contaminants.
  • A drying aid is applied to the vehicle.
  • The vehicle is then dried with a microfibre drying towel.
  • The vehicle is masked up, ready for paint correction.
  • A single stage machine polish is carried out. This aims to dramatically increase gloss levels whilst reducing surface defects (light swirls, holograms, buffer trails and marring 40-60% defect removal)
  • A pre-cleaner is applied to the paintwork.
  • A 3 year Matrix blue ceramic coating is then applied to the paint work, plastic trim, windows and alloys.
  • The vehicle then remains indoors for 12-24 hours to cure
  • Time taken: 2-3 days
  • Price shown above is based on a standard family hatchback with a 3 year Matrix Blue ceramic coating, larger vehicles will incur additional charge dependent on size.
  • Can also be upgraded to a 5 year Pyramid Pro or 8 year Matrix Black ceramic coating for an extra charge.
Price based on Hatchback

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