Gold exterior detail / Gloss Enhancement

Gold exterior detail / Gloss Enhancement


This process will increase gloss levels and remove light to medium swirls, marks and scratches (40-60%) defect removal

A non-acidic wheel cleaner is applied to the wheels. Various brushes are used to agitate the cleaner, this is then rinsed.

An all-purpose cleaner is applied to the wheel arches, door shuts and boot shut.

The whole car is rinsed to remove the loose dirt from the bodywork.

Vehicle is then washed and then thoroughly rinsed, including the door shuts and boot shut.

A tar remover is applied to remove tar spots, if applicable.

A fullout remover is applied, allowed to dwell and then rinsed.

The vehicle is then clayed to remove bonded contaminants.

A drying aid is applied to the vehicle.

The vehicle is then dried with a microfibre drying towel.

The vehicle is then masked up.

A single stage machine polish is carried out. This aims to dramatically increase gloss levels whilst reducing surface defects (light swirls, holograms, buffer trails and marring 40-60% defect removal)

A pre-cleaner is applied to the paintwork.

Matrix Recharge+ is then applied giving 9 months protection.

Time taken: 5-6 hours

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