Matrix Ceramic Coating

We are Matrix accredited and can supply you with both the 3 & 8 year coatings.

Ceramic coatings provide resistance to weather, abrasion, marring, temperature, chemicals, and contaminants, forming a strong bond to the surface it will not melt, crack or wear off.

MATRIX Blue will give your vehicle a 3 year protection & Matrix Black 8 years protection. Using the latest state of the art technology MATRIX is a ceramic coating which will enable your car to look its best, in ‘showroom condition’ for longer. Enhancing every detail from the depth of colour to the slickness of the finish. We don’t just apply to the paintwork but also to the wheels, glass & plastic trim for continuous beading and protection. Your vehicle will be easier to clean and in some cases a simple pressure wash will suffice. Once the coating has been applied there is no need to reapply the coating every few months nor will you need to wax or polish your vehicle.